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Our Services

  • Retail
  • Industrial & Warehouse
  • Offices
  • Business Space
  • Motor Trade
  • Leisure
  • Institutional

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Our Role

We provide market advice to both corporate and individual clients in respect of a full range and style of properties.

Our role is initially to interpret goals and then, through our extensive market knowledge, match these to appropriate properties.

Occupiers and investors alike want the best package, not only in respect of rent or price, but also sound buildings, sensibly structured leases and an awareness that property ownership and occupation is an ongoing commitment with possible pitfalls. 

Professional Services 

  • Valuation
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Rent Review & Lease Renewal
  • Arbitration
  • Expert Witness
  • Enfranchisement
  • Dilapidations

Our clients rely on our robust market intelligence combined with our range of disciplines which enable us to provide sound advice.
Accurate advice on value, be it capital or rental, is sought and provided for a multitude of reasons, including loan security, sale, acquisition, rent review, lease renewal, funding & taxation to include Probate & Capital Gains.

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Many property transactions are complicated by legislation and contract terms, which may have unforeseen ramifications. Our experts are able to interpret the effects on value or rent and, as a consequence our clients enjoy maximum advantage from all negotiations.
Resolution of disputes of value or rent may lead to litigation through the Courts or the arbitration process and we regularly prepare and present expert evidence.

  • Rating
  • Compulsory Purchase
Often, interpretation of the law is at the core of the valuation process. Our experience and depth of knowledge has enabled us to both maximise return and minimise outgoings.

Understanding of the valuation issues has resulted in tangible benefits to our clients, by way of significant savings in rates payable. Reductions have been achieved by negotiation and representations made to valuation tribunals.

We provide advice to Acquiring Authorities and Claimants within the compulsory purchase framework. Claims have been handled, not only in respect of land loss but total extinguishment, injurious affection, disturbance and severance. Where a negotiated settlement has not been forthcoming, we have provided expert evidence at Lands Tribunal. 

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Property Management

  • Commercial & residential
  • Rent collection
  • Insurance
  • Service charge recovery
  • Maintenance

We provide a complete range of management services in respect of a very varied portfolio, including office blocks, retail parades and individual shop units, industrial estates and units and residential blocks of flats.

Multi-let properties require us to prepare annual service charge budgets, arrange services, calculate, allocate and recover service charges, all of which is undertaken through our computerised RICS audited accounting system.

We adhere to our clients’ exacting standards, relieving them of time consuming day-to-day contact with tenants and ensuring that covenants are adhered to. We pride ourselves on the service provided which is enhanced by our understanding of the needs of the occupier.

We are RICS regulated and work in strict accordance with their professional standards.
Private investment companies, institutions and individuals, both in the UK and abroad, have come to rely upon us.

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